With our large stock of parts in our warehouse in Kesteren, we can quickly and easily provide you with parts for your D-TEC Trailer. In addition to specific D-TEC parts, you can also find truck and trailer parts of well-known brands of tires, axles or the braking system in our webshop. Exclusively for the Benelux market, you can also order all your parts for your sampling and AGR system here.

[Lift up your profit!]



“Lift up your profit”


D-TEC is a Dutch manufacturer of tank trailers, container trailers and tippers.

All D-TEC trailers are characterised by the combination of lowest self-weight and the highest load capacity available on the market. Through its simple operation, everyone can work with it and maintenance costs are very low. In addition, the high quality is a guarantee of good residual value. By choosing a D-TEC you are choosing the lowest costs per kilometre. Lift up your profit!